Video & Photos

Take home the experience with video and photos! We have several options to choose from. Inside videos and photos are by far our most popular options. This is the most affordable option to get media of your skydive. The inside video and photos are captured by your instructor with typically a GoPro on his reserve side hand. Giving you an inside perspective of the jump. With shots of take-off, in-flight, freefall, and a post-jump interview. Remember, you can only do your first jump once and everyone wants to capture that moment.

If you’re looking for something more we recommend an Outside Videographer. Instead of inside handcam footage from your instructor, a secondary skydiver will join you in freefall. The Outside Videographer is not attached to you or your instructor in any way. They’re free to fly around the sky with you, typically high-fiving, taking docks, and getting the best shots.

For the ultimate experience, you’ll want the Ultimate Video Experience. Combines both the instructor’s inside video and also the outside videographer’s video and photos for the complete package. You can not only get up close and personal views, but also take in the Island/Gulf view with the outside videographer.

Skydive Video & Photo Pricing

  • Inside Video – $109
  • Inside Photo – $109
  • Inside Video & Photos – $119
  • Outside Video & Photos – $189
  • Ultimate – Inside & Outside Videos & Photos $298

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