Tandem Skydive

From: $279.00

Discount for booking in pairs: $269 on Weekdays & $289 for Weekends.
Individual Pricing: $279 on Weekdays & $299 on Weekends.
Pay a deposit of $50.00 per person



How long will it take? Time at facility policy.

What about the height weight & fitness-to-jump policy?

Men must weigh under 220 lbs, and women must weigh under 200 lbs and be height/weight proportionate. So a 220 lb man or 200 lb should be 6ft + tall. Extra fees apply for weights up to 250 lbs. Call For Exact Details. All participants will be subject to on-site evaluation based on height weight proportion (Tall Enough To Match Your Weight). You should be able to kneel, bend, stoop, and have a full range of motion in your extremities. You will be asked to sign a medical fitness statement. You must consult a doctor about any medical conditions that may preclude you from skydiving, and bring a doctor’s note clearing you for skydiving activities as may be required. We reserve the right to refuse service. NO REFUNDS.

Please disclose serious medical conditions to us beforehand! We have had to turn away people who forgot to mention their medical conditions until the day of the jump and we do not refund. If you do have a condition but your physician is willing to clear you, just bring your doctor’s note along with his/her medical credential (name/practice/medical license number). Depending on your condition we still reserve the right to turn you away if we believe it represents an unacceptable additional risk to yourself or our instructors. So again, make sure to disclose your condition to us beforehand!

Lastly, we like to make it clear that if we do not think you are adequately prepared to make your skydive (for example if you are hungover/intoxicated, or taking prescription medications, or not physically fit enough, etc.) we do reserve the right to turn you away without a refund. However, if you are not able to lift your legs, or are hungover or otherwise intoxicated/impaired you could be putting OUR lives in jeopardy in addition to your own – and we always put safety first.


Men 220LBS-249LBS ADD $30

Women 200LBS -220LBS ADD $30

Men 249LBS – 269LBS ADD $50 (Based on Availability)

What about bad weather or unplanned aircraft maintenance/rescheduling policy?


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